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by Jinx Padlock

Released 2017
Released 2017
Four tracks of mentally unstable electronic music, now accepting new patients for open surgery
Insanitarium is a collection of tunes that are based around the theme of mental instability.

The E.P. has is the first part of a trilogy, this being the first instalment.

Seeking Asylum is the trancey opener, a wall of offset synths, with echoes of '90's beeps and wibbles, a love letter to the early days of Renaissance parties. Will he find asylum, or will the asylum find him?

Dr. Rave is an unapologetic straight up plate of rave with extra rave, with a side of rave, washed down with a pint of RAVE.

Temple of Mental - looks like we found the asylum. Darkness rules here, ineligible mumblings, the chatter of chaos, both distant and uncomfortably close. Its all held together with a hollow, metallic bass, slamming kick and a little wink to the early days of hardcore towards the end.

Meet the Demons is a session of techno therapy - gently easing in until a chorus of snarling distorted synths pulls the rug from under your feet. Its good to get these things into the open...

Written and recorded on the London Underground using an iPad, Jinx Padlock is looking in from the outside, as life in the city moves at a breakneck speed.
Mixed and mastered in Logic in a tunnel near Baker Street in 2017

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